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Order with no e-mail and wrong country

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  • Order with no e-mail and wrong country

    Our settings require an e-mail address, and Afghanistan is not on the list of countries we sell to.
    We received an order from a regular US customer (checkout with no account). The order had no e-mail address and the country was listed as Afghanistan.

    We had something similar happen last year.
    We use Multi-page checkout.
    Customer paid with Credit Card.
    Billing and shipping is the same.

    Has anyone experienced something similar? Support wants to duplicate the issue but since it happens so infrequently, has not been able to.

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    We've seen it before. Never could figure it out.


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      Issue has been resolved (at least for us, it has been). The problem is that we imported our customer base from a previous cart, and that old cart stored the "country" field different than the way 3dCart stores do. If you download your customer database excel file, you'll find entries where the Country (both billing and shipping) are saved as "United States". THAT'S WRONG. You need to change those "United States" entries to "US" and then save the file and upload it back to your store. This will eliminate your Afghanistan problem. A prior customer will log into their account, their country will match the data required for 3dCart stores and all will be right in your ecommerce world. :)


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        We are having issues with the country selection as well. most of the time when you ask for a shipping quote in view cart and then goto check out it chooses Afghanistan for the customer if they do not change it screws up the process.

        International order are not a 3dcart forte... We never can get the shipping estimates to work, or even during check out it wants to treat everything like a US address and on the back end it tries to assign a state to the country especially for canada.


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          3dcart admitted to me at the very beginning that estimates do not work for international. I am located in Australia and we also have 4 digit postal codes. When I used estimates - I was getting a massive amount of cart abandonments as 3dCart was calculating shipping to the US instead of within AU. Anyway, they told me to disable the shipping estimates. I then still lost a lot of money on shipping - but persevered by setting up manual shipping overrides where 3cart messes up. Touch wood - using a combination of auto & manual shipping, I rarely have issues anymore. Still surprised I don't get more sales on 3dcart though.


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