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Reports Containing Info on Adv Otions Items?

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  • Reports Containing Info on Adv Otions Items?

    Does anyone know how to get the reports (Sales, Products, Etc) to include items that are "options".

    For instance, if I have an item with SKU number of 995- and I have 2 sizes of 995- SM and LG so the option SKUs are 995-SM and 995-LG.

    I have Advanced Options turned on so I can track the inventory of the 2 sizes and not just the overall item.

    So why is it that when I run sales reports or product reports, the only thing that shows up in the reports is 995-? I may have sold 4 of the smalls and 10 of the larges. But in every report, it shows that I've sold 14 of the item 995- instead of the detail I would expect, considering that I've got the Advanced Options inventory tracking turned on.

    That's not very helpful. Has anyone else found this to be true, OR if I'm missing something, can you please enlighten me?

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    A quick update - Support replied and directed me to the Sales Summary Report (it's the first one on the list - don't know how I missed it) and it does indeed break out the options (or children) onto their own lines.

    I haven't found any other reports that do this.