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restore deleted product?

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  • restore deleted product?

    had a new user trying to rearrange product in categories.

    user thought they were hitting 'delete' to remove them from a redundant category but accidentally deleted entire products.

    is there any way to restore this information?

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    If you have a CSV download of your products, you can just delete everything else from the file except this product and re-import. It will have a new "id" and new URL, but you can do a 301 redirect. Probably you can find the old URL on Google.
    If you don't have a backup, then you will just have to re-enter it. Again, do the 301 redirect.

    Do Weekly or monthly downloads of your products, and categories and save forever in a "backup folder"


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      If you have exported your products at any time over the past month, but no longer have the download file, you can still get a copy by using FTP and going to /web/assets/exports where you will find a copy of every file you exported from your store for the past 30 days.