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Need Help Setting up Wholesale Login and Pricing

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  • Need Help Setting up Wholesale Login and Pricing

    I've read thru the 3dcart guides and I don't even know how to begin or even if it's possible based on my pricing structure to setup a Wholesale Login and coordinating Price Levels. Is there anyone on the board that does this setup for a fee or knows someone that does? If so can you email me: [email protected] to discuss.

    My website: Soy Candles | Wholesale Soy Candles | Connecticut Candle Company

    Thank you,
    Brenda H

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    Can you be more specific about your needs? At the simplest level, you can assign different prices to different products. So price1 could be retail and price_2 would be wholesale. Then you create a "customer group" which uses price_2, and only have your wholesale customers create accounts in that group.


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      Thanks for the reply. So I have tier quantity wholesale case pricing: for example 1-2 cases of a product = $6.75 each, 3-4 cases of product 1 = $6.50 each until 6+ cases is the same price each. Because I sell candles and have over 70 scents, I require the wholesale customer to purchase at least 3 of each scent within a case. A case = 12 candles. I have 5 different products available for wholesale pricing. I also would need to create a Wholesale Login for my website which I'm not sure how to do or if there's room in my custom template.

      If helpful, I could email you a pdf file of my wholesale pricing. Maybe I should just indicate case price but then how do I allow them to select their scents. Currently I use an Option Template for retail customers.
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        we do wholesale pricing on our site. see how we have set up.

        main thing is there are two customer types (default retail, and wholesale), and two pricing tiers for each product. retail is set to price 1, wholesale is set to price 2.

        Further, to keep everyone from seeing wholesale pricing, they must request it during account setup and our in-house CS changes their account to 'wholesale' once approved. until then, there is no way for anyone to see wholesale pricing.

        have a look at the site and see if this is similar to what you're attempting. if it is, feel free to ask any questions you might have.


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          Need Help Setting up Wholesale Login and Pricing

          Thank you.....your site looks great!! One question I have is where to put a Wholesale Login link on my site. It's a custom template and it's a challenge to find a space since the nav bar is full. I've been creating categories for some items so I guess I could put it there and then call the same page "Account" does...... 3dcart sent me a bunch of links to review on how to setup the pricing.....I would prefer to just pay someone but not getting any takers so I'll have to find the time to do this at some point.


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            They login just like any other customer would. Just when they are logged in they see wholesale pricing.


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              Thank you all for the additional information. James Leclair from the forum reached out and is working on adding a Wholesale Login along with associated pricing and quantity requirements.