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  • Quick Search Stopped Working

    I thought my Quick Search would magically come back since it magically disappeared awhile back. But since it hasn't, I've done some poking around looking for a fix.

    Under General Settings, the Hide Quick Search box is unchecked as before.

    Beyond this, I don't know where else to look. Any ideas?

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    I know this may sound silly but its a valid suggestion because I still get this issue request all of the time. Are you logged in when you try it? If so, log out and try it again. Quick search will not work as long as you are logged in and looking at the front end all in the same browser.

    Other than that there would have to be other scripting that was added that may have made the quick search not function properly. If htere was any script added around the same time. Disable it and see if quick search is working.

    Hope this helps.

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      it also wont work with newer versions of jquery if you happened to change that or include something that uses a newer version of such. 1.3 is the default version that 3dcart provides. it works up to 1.7.1 or possibly even 1.8 but not any newer.


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        Well well well, very interesting.

        It never occurred to me that I need to be logged out. But sure enough, as soon as I log out the Quick Search worked again.

        Must be some scripting conflict, I'm not smart enough to even venture more of a guess than that.

        But I really appreciate the great help. I spent a lot of time checking my settings in 3D Cart and my Firefox browser. Turns out I was barking up the wrong tree.

        Thanks again for the super help.