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Excluding states in flat rate shipping

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  • Excluding states in flat rate shipping

    I plan on changing my site over to flat rate shipping in the near future. This offer will be extended to the the lower 48 only, ak, hi and international will be quoted by size and weight. Flat rate shipping wouldn't be a huge issue, but some of my items go by dimensional weight. When I created a new shipping method I noticed there is no way to block ak or hi for the flat rate shipping. What can I do about this?

    My other question is there a way to offer flat rate shipping, but also have it show ups shipping prices in case the customer wanted to choose next day or second day shipping?

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    For each shipping method there is a link for "Exclude List". You can customize this as you wish.
    Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping Methods

    Find you shipping method, and click Exclude List
    Add exclusions. (see image)
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