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  • Restrictive Shipping

    A question to 3DCart and/or a store owner using restrictive shipping, which is this:
    Restrictive Shipping

    I have products that can't ship outside the US by law. Products containing some organic things like Mother of Pearl or Abalone. I also have some products that must ship ground and can't go in a plane, like flammable liquids and nitrocellulose.

    1) Can I use restrictive shipping to disallow the forbidden shipping methods for products like these? E.g., can I disassociate all international shipping methods from my organic shell products, leaving only domestic US methods?

    2) If so, what happens when one of these products is in the cart and the customer reaches the checkout page? What is the user experience?

    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting

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    I purchased this add on for a similar reason. I wish they had a trial beforehand because its basically useless to me now and the reason is i use mainly custom shipping methods. For me I cannot ship plants to the U.S but purchased the app so I could ship other things by restricting the shipping however it doesn't work...

    I created a custom shipping method based on "value" that I use for plants and another one based on value for other goods...However when you try to restrict the shipping with one of those methods, both methods are applied to the product making it pointless...Will work if you only have one custom shipping method per variable....


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      Okay good to know, so let's just talk about one variable then.

      Lets say you have a specific plant that you can't ship to uh... France. And customer comes on to your site, adds a bunch of stuff to his cart including that plant, and then goes to the checkout page wanting to use a shipping method that sends to France. What happens? What does that customer see and do?
      - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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        it just gives the default shipping error...."unable to calculate shipping for the address" or whatever it is....again, not useful....


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          Probably the only add on that is going to help in that scenario is advanced shipping manager. If you run into it much it might be worth the monthly price of it.

          Advanced Shipping Manager


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            If you use bongo for international fulfillment, you can exclude SKUs from being available for shipment internationally. The customer will see a message when they checkout stating "The following items are not currently available for export and have been removed from the cart: [SKU] : [Description]".

            Slightly more useful.
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