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Valid Tracking Numbers - Not Showing Up - Anyone Else?

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  • Valid Tracking Numbers - Not Showing Up - Anyone Else?

    Anyone else having an issue with tracking numbers not showing up?

    This started on Monday, still with no resolution.

    We have valid tracking numbers on each account, but when the customer clicks on the link we email to them, it does not show up.

    For instance: If you go to USPS website and put in this tracking number:


    It shows up fine.

    Use the link that we have and it does not:

    Now, some do work and others do not.

    We have a message on our site that says we are looking into this and telling them to go to the USPS site that does work.

    Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

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    Good you posted this. Our USPS tracking is also generating an error. This used to be fine and we did not change any settings :(

    UPS tracking is still looking good.

    I will open a ticket.


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      Make sure to specify to support as to whether you are on 6.3 yet or not and if so did it happen previous to 6.3. I am coming across many issues after the 6.3 update.
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        This is still an ongoing issue. I submitted the ticket on Friday morning and this was the response from support:
        I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you and your business. We have reported this issue to our programmers. We do not have an exact ETA but we will get back to you via this ticket as soon as this is resolved. The issue appears to be isolated to only the USPS tracking numbers so we should hopefully have this resolved very soon.
        I am sorry, but "very soon" is not good enough for important functionality issues.


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          Tracking issue still not fixed on our website

          Tracking issue still not fixed on our website. Ticket open since Sat.

          Customers are emailing and calling us about their orders.

          They can't track it through our website. It makes us look bad and wastes my time dealing with these problems.

          They closed the support ticket even though the problem isn't fixed. Why do you close the ticket? To make your numbers look better???

          Getting annoyed.
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            Our ticket was also closed for this without the problem being fixed. I just replied to the e-mail to re-open it.


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              Hey Everyone,

              First and foremost I want to thank everyone for their patience in waiting to get this resolved. Our development team has fixed this for all merchants who are currently on 6.3 right now. Also we are looking to release 6.3 to the existing customers who do not have by Monday. If you are currently on 6.3 and it is not working for you. Please open a ticket with support and let me know your ticket number and I will get it escalated for you right away!


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                I am on 6.3 and it has not been resolved fully on my site. ticket number TFQ-101-26122.

                Still getting the page not found error on tracking numbers not in USPS system yet.


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                  Fixed for us this morning

                  They fixed it for us today. Did you try it again?

                  Originally posted by Mustang394
                  They totally missed the mark on this one. I don't have an issue with real time rates the issue is with tracking numbers. Here is the reply I got from support.

                  Thank you for contacting 3dcart support, your store recently received a upgrade to 3dcart version 6.3, unfortunately a problem has occurred with USPS real time shipping calculations in this version.
                  Our developers have already identified the issue and determined it is limited to USPS. This issue should be fixed by Monday.
                  We apologize for any inconvenience or disruption to your store and appreciate your patience as we resolve this issue.


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                    Originally posted by damiencaz View Post
                    They fixed it for us today. Did you try it again?

                    Yeah I just did still not working


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                      I am having this very issue. Sucks to know that its still an on going problem. My customers aren't to happy about it and you guys need to get this taken care of. Yes I have spoke to tech support and I have an open ticket.