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  • Homepage Carousel Issues

    I set up the home page carousel on my site but no matter what I enter in the delay "millisecond" section, the images flip through super fast.

    If I enter in a link, only the first image will show, it doesnt rotate through nor do the arrows work.

    So.... removing the link and the images flash through with 0 delay, entering a link in and it doesnt rotate at all.

    Any ideas???

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    Are you using an html5 or non html5 template?

    The script is different between the 2 so you will have to be sure that you are adding the correct set of script:

    HTML5 - Flexslider
    Non-HTML5 - Nivo

    Other things to check:

    Do you have any 3dcart common js files customized and being called from your template folder instead? Have you checked other script included within your site that may be causing a conflict?

    Hope this helps find other paths to a fix

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      Thanks Shaun. It was a script issue. Support got it fixed for me.