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  • Question about rewards program

    I am discontinuing our sites Rewards Program soon but want customers to be able to use collected rewards for another 90 days.

    If I disable the rewards program will they still be able to use them or does this "erase" collected points?

    I am scared to test by turning it off in case all points vanish.

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    If you disable the rewards program then customers with rewards points will not be able to use them. I would add something to my "About us" or "FAQ" page letting customers know that the rewards points program is closing on xx/xx/2014. Then I would set my items to receive 0 rewards points (or hide it in the HTML all together if you can). This gives the appearance that it's gone but people with points still have them and can use them. Then on the close date, turn it off :)

    Hope that makes sense.


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      Thanks Michael.