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My FaceBook store is gone!

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  • My FaceBook store is gone!

    Ok, so I admit it has been a while since I checked my business FB store, but today I went there and it is completely blank! When I tried to use the 3dCart app, I was given this error message:

    Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01b6'

    Object doesn't support this property or method: ''

    /facebook/index.asp, line 39

    Anyone else run across this?

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    Like you I don't check it regularly and when I went back after reading your post I see the same thing.

    Or, should I say I Don't See..

    The FB store is completely gone from FB..


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      Per support, I deleted the 3dcart app, and reinstalled it. Went through the entire process of setting up the store, added products, etc. per the KB article, and store is still blank!


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        our blog rss feed to facebook isnt working either.. anyone else seeing the same?


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          I think that stopped working some time ago. Check this thread:


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            This is what gets me, this answer was provided back in June:

            "Talked to Support. The FB status update feature is no longer functional and no ETA on if/when it will be working again."

            Yet, when I submitted a ticket to support I was told nothing of this. Is this working for anyone???


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              I should have been more clear. I was under the impression that it was only affecting the RSS feed for blog posts. I could certainly be wrong about that as I don't have a facebook store.


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                Mine comes and goes...sometimes it's there sometimes its not, more not than there for the past few months


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                  While its true that FB changes things all the time and break all kinds of applications, at this time, I am not seeing any issues. (Clicked on a few facebook stores and seem to be ok)

                  Could you please fwd a link to your facebook page? or ticket # if you just reported the issue to support? (Send to [email protected])

                  Gonzalo Gil
                  3dCart Support
                  800-828-6650 x111


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                    Ours is gone too.



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                      The interesting thing with your url is it is the same as mine..

                      I'm not sure why "TheWatchPrince" is showing up and the app ID are the same but I've opened a ticket per Gil's request.

                      Originally posted by mimib View Post


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                        Just to follow up, within minutes of opening up the trouble ticket they got the issue resolved and our FB shop is now working again.

                        Thanks Gil.


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                          Mine still isn't working. Here is the link:



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                            My fb store isn't working either.


                            Sunshine Daydream Hippie Shop


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                              Nor mine :o(