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  • ebay Error

    Anyone know what is causing this error message when I try to list on eBay:

    "Invalid <WeightMinor>. Enter a value between 0 and 15 for <WeightMinor>."

    I can only list items weighing under a pound with free shipping (and select economy) or I get that message and no matter what I add to the weight on the item page, I cant get past that message. It happens if I select First Class Parcel when I selected Calculated Shipping.

    If I select Flat Shipping and enter in a price, I get a "value for another shipping method must be provided"

    If I select First Class with free shipping , I get this error:

    "Shipping service USPS First Class Parcel(48) is not available."

    It happens when I click the check fees button before listing.

    The weights are filled in correctly on the product pages.

    Basically, I can not list anything with first class as the shipping method.

    I would also like to add: This "integration" with eBay is horrible. It barely works as far as listing items.

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    I found I got similar errors when my product weight had two decimal points, like 1.25. If I dropped it to 1.2 or 1.3, then it worked fine.