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Extended Outage Last Night

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  • Extended Outage Last Night

    We use Pingdom to monitor our site downtime and we went down for 44 minutes last night. Anyone else go down as well?

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    Use the same thing but we must be on different servers, no down time last night.


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      I was down night before last for almost 90 :o(


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        Yes, at 12:30 am EST for 3 or 4 minutes then again at 1:30am for 45 minutes.

        I have asked support before that it would be great to know about outages or planned maintenance with an email but I never get anywhere with that request.

        Not does anyone ever post anything anywhere acknowledging these issues so we know what is going on.

        It is quite annoying in both cases on top of the issue of having the site down while customers are trying to purchase items.


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          Our site is down as we speak. This is pissing me off. We've had 5 outages in 2 months. After my last complaint, they said it was a database error and they've fixed the problem.

          I don't know if some of these are planned outages, but either way it's completely unacceptable. If there are planned outages, 1) we need to be notified, and 2) they need to allow us to add a 301 to a page of our choosing so customers know what's up.


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            They certainly aren't planned outages.

            My initial site server was having a lot of random little outages and I started documenting them with two multiple services.. Pingdom, Uptime Fu, and Server Uptime. Once I had enough data (like a week with downtimes adding up to over an hour or so) I took it to support and insisted that they move me to a new server. Since they did I have had maybe 5 minutes of downtime in 2 months.