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  • display customer group messages?

    on our site we have several customer groups with different pricing. specifically, our normal/not-logged-in user sees by default a higher MSRP price.

    Depending upon your user group, when logged in one may see distributor or wholesale pricing.

    For the uninitiated user who may qualify for distributor/wholesale pricing (we are primarily b2b) that may be shopping on price--it might not be immediately clear that they are seeing MSRP and not *their* price.

    Is it possible to have messages display with special notes specific to each price group? Such as a note by the default pricing that states "If you are reading this message, you are seeing MSRP, and may qualify for wholesale pricing once approved."

    anyone else have another workaround for this issue of notifying users of wholesale pricing without divulging the pricing up front?

    we do currently have a huge red banner on the side of the page that says 'wholesale login'. but, people are still missing out on the fact that our prices may be lower than what they initially see.

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    This would be pretty easy to do.
    You can check the variable '[price_level]' to see what the current user's price level is, and display a message based on that variable using javascript.