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Problems with Shipping Calculations

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  • Problems with Shipping Calculations

    Is anyone else seeing issues with the shipping calculations being outrageously "off" the mark on International Flat Rate boxes?

    I had a customer today abandon his cart because the shipping calculation to Norway was quoted as $80.50 for an International Priority medium flat rate box. Clearly if I go to and fill in his information, the price online is $58.65. That's a $21.85 difference and I simply don't understand why when you choose USPS International flat rate you can't get the correct amount through the cart. The $58.65 rate on USPS website is the same from 0 to 20 pounds. Lost the sale, can't say I blame them.

    On top of that he had a real hard time getting a shipping quote in the first place because of ongoing issues with zip code length :-( He finally gets that sorted and gets a rate that's cost prohibitive due to the outrageous quote he received. I'm feeling like the horses' arse where this poor guy is concerned and I'm not sure I'll get another chance at his business.

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    Did USPS return the rate with insurance or some other fees?

    Did the order weight calculation go above 20 pounds as that is the weight limit.

    Seems odd that USPS would do that.

    However, I have never used the integrated postal calculators. Too much trouble and they are down too often especially during peak times like black Friday weekend and the holidays.

    There are reasons Amazon and others charge a flat rate and/or use shipping bands. In the end as long as it doesn't cost you money IMO it is the best option.


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      I couldn't figure it out, anyway I attempted to get the rate to be "close" to what you get online through their site. I added a -15% discount through the shipping settings and it gets it close. I'll have to see if I can just do a flat rate on all my motors rather than continue to lose sales because of sky high shipping being quoted.