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  • preventing pages with manufacturers

    The store owner wants to retain manufacturers in the product data but does not want to reveal her vendors/manufacturers to the public. I have attempted to eliminate this possibility (a) by checking "Hide Browse by Manufacturer" in Store Settings, (b) by deleting the default "Manufacturer Index" page in Site Content, and (c) by including in Robots.txt and Robots_ssl.txt "Disallow: /manufacturer_index.asp" (Google's robots.txt tester says this version was last seen over three weeks ago).

    Nonetheless, she can access pages of this format "" by Googling the store's name and any of her manufacturers. It's a little disconcerting, even if it is unlikely that someone would do so. My last idea is to add "Disallow: /*_bymfg_*.html" (which I have just done).

    Any insights into why this might be happening? Must I completely remove the "browse by manufacturer" block from the frame? Is this additional "Disallow" likely to cause trouble?

    Thanks in advance!
    - Chuck