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Coupon and Daily Deals not working

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  • Coupon and Daily Deals not working

    I was just on support for a while testing this as I had customers complaining that a 10% off coupon was not working.

    So first thing I did was delete and re-add the coupon. It works when logged into an account. When not logged in it does not work.

    Support worked through some iterations and we found out that if a promo is active in Daily Deals, the coupon promo does not work.

    If logged into an account, the coupon works.

    If not logged into an account, the coupon does not work, nor is any response from the system (usually in red) provided.

    Checking non-stackable in the promotion manager does not make a different to the results above.

    Something had to change in the 3DCart code in the last 20 days (I suspect last Friday during the outage.

    I have used the DD since the feature was added. I have done coupon promotions every month without issue. The last was during the Labor Day holiday. I never had any complaints before about coupons not working.

    My current promotion was started Friday. I have received a bunch of complaints. Only one order made it through so far and I assume they logged into their account as he is a regular customer. I can see a bunch of incomplete orders. By now I should have at least 10-20 orders using the coupon code.

    Can anyone replicate this happening with their cart as I believe this is a new bug?

    In the meantime I have disabled DD. I am concerned this looks ridiculous on my front page.

    Thanks in advance


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    We use DD and coupons every day without any problems.