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If Wish Lists were orders…we’d wish everyone to be him.

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  • If Wish Lists were orders…we’d wish everyone to be him.

    Perusing the admin, looking at Settings > Design > Store Language > multiple-nolists, a setting we have never touched, just found is the following:

    "We're sorry, danilo alvarenga. It doesn't look like you've created any wish lists yet. To create one, go to a product and click on its "Add to Wish List" icon."

    Effectively, it appears that every customer setting up more than one Wish List is thereby renamed "Danilo Alvarenga". We find it rather dubious, incredibly hard to believe, the act of "Wish Listing", more than once, also makes a customer want to be Danilo Alvarenga, a person of 3dCart fame, who apparently moonlights as a professional wisher-- an utterly ridiculous passion if ever there was one.

    It's not a bad name, however, this Danilo Alvarenga chap, the” Wishing Bloke”, is full of wishes and not much buying; we have yet to receive a single order from him. Revenue is vanity and profit is sanity, what are Wish Lists?

    Or, maybe, a wish we should have no need to list, 3dCart should be just a bit more attentive when mucking about the admin.

    What say you, fellow merchants?
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    That was the most poetic post I've read around these parts Luxlife!



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      Toooo funny I just had to go there and look and sure enough the same thing is there. Wow...who knew? The post was hilarious and after the day I've had mucking around my own admin it was much needed. THANK YOU!


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        Hi all! I see you've found our Danilo Alvarenga easter egg!

        Ok, you got me. Danilo Alvarenga is our CTO... He's quite a brilliant developer actually. But even brilliant developers roll out some test code accidentally. He is patching it as we speak.

        Sorry for the Muck up :)


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          Good catch Luxlife. Who would have thunk!


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            I thought it was one of those "suggestions" type things like you see in some coding from time to time, I never realized everyone gets an email with that name. Too funny, kind of LOL