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Cannot checkout on newer Androids since Oct 9 - anyone else having issues?

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  • Cannot checkout on newer Androids since Oct 9 - anyone else having issues?

    I just opened a ticket with 3dcart but this issue is hitting us pretty hard so I wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem or has come up with a solution. It appears to only effect multi-step checkout.

    We were getting some complaints from customers on android phones not being able to checkout, and our mobile conversion rate lately has been very low. I assumed it was related to the changes to the responsive design we've made but it’s not. I dug into it and found that out of over 10,000 sessions we’ve had from customers using the newest Chrome on an Android since October 9th we’ve had 0 conversions. Normally we would have had 170+.

    I looked closer at our Google analytics and we had 628 pageviews from customers running Chrome 38.0.2125.102 to checkout2.asp?step=2 but no one made it to step 3.

    On October 9th Google pushed out an update for many android phones updating them to Chrome 38.0.2125.102. Checkout doesn’t work on that version, on mobile or tablets. I downloaded it and tried it out myself and you get to checkout step 2 and it just sits there, forever, with a blank display. Completely white.

    I tried to checkout at another 3dcart client and ran into the same problem. Their site is heavily customized, like ours is, so I can't say if it is effecting everyone or just some 3dcart clients.

    It doesn’t happen on single page checkout. I switched our development site to single page to test it and I didn’t have the problem.

    This problem didn’t exist with the previous mainstream android/chrome browser, We were getting 1100-1200 sessions a day from that before Google put out the update, with a 1.72% conversion rate. Now all that traffic is Chrome 38 with a 0% conversion rate.

    Is anyone else having this issue?

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    I feel your pain. I'm getting complaints daily that when someone logs into my site on a mobile device if they remove their finger from the screen after they finally get categories they can't even pick one without being zoomed back to the home screen. My sales are off, abandoned carts, can't finish checkout, can't even begin shopping and the holidays are approaching. I'm not thrilled right now.


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      Sorry to hear that, hopefully it gets fixed for you soon. Our new design 3dcart made has been working very well thankfully, no major bugs.

      This isn't related to any particular design though, and isn't something 3dcart did. Google made some kind of change in their newest browser that broke something. That always happens, the newest browsers always cause some kind of problems or glitches. Unfortunately this one occurs at the worst possible moment - right in the middle of the checkout process.

      None of our customers were using this before Oct 9th, and now over 95% of customers using a galaxy S4, S5, Nexus, newer LG, etc are on Chrome 38. It makes me miss the old days when it took a year for the newest browser version to become popular.


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        I was kind of glad to see you post this because that would mean my conversion rate fall isn't entirely due to shipping calculation issues but after I saw this I checked with two android devices and I can't get my category navigation and you can't complete checkout :-(


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          How far in checkout are you getting?


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            Can't do anything at all this morning. My category nav bar won't stay displayed, if I add an item to the cart from the home page, I should get options for the item but I get a "Trouble with Cookies" warning that says we couldn't process your request because your system's cookies appear to be disabled. They're not. So my mobile, on my LG phone and my android tablet are both hosed to a point that you can't even add an item to the cart right now. Last night I was able to get to step 2 but it wouldn't load so I was stuck again. I opened a ticket and support is looking into it.

            I'm not sure what happened between last night and this morning, because I was able to get further last night, but it was an effort to get my nav menu to stay displayed so I could even get into the category of product I wanted to look at.


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              Can you PM me with your store address? I would like to take a look at what you're experiencing. Not promising any solution though... :\
              - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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                Spoke with 3dcart and they are working on the problem with android and checkout step 2. They should have a fix soon.


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                  I checked my phone and I have Chrome Version 38.0.2125.102

                  I did a test order and it went past Checkout_step2 just fine, step 3 also worked.

                  Maybe the problem is related to some customization you have on your site.


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                    Could be. Would you mind sending me a PM and letting me know what store you looked at that it worked on, and what model phone you used? I'd like to take a look at that store and compare it to ours and the other stores having the problem and see if I can figure out what the difference is. If it's only happening on some stores with multi-page checkout it could just be a plugin or something simple like that.


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                      Thanks for the info elightbox, I checked it out and have no problems on your site at all.

                      3dcart is releasing a patch tonight to fix the problem so we should be good tomorrow. In the meantime we are forwarding customers on androids with Chrome 38 to the single page checkout. Seems to be working well.


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                        3dcart rolled out a patch that fixed the android checkout problem. Kudos to them for resolving it so quickly.


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                          mobile checkout customization

                          I noticed you had issues with Android and checkout. We are having an issue where our payment labels don't show on mobile for checkout. i.e. Credit card number and the CVV2 has no link to show what it is. I checked both our 3d cart stores and a number of other 3d cart stores. Have you been able to customize the mobile checkout so the payment screen doesn't look awful?

                          See attached files.

                          thanks in advance for any help.
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