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  • One Page Checkout or Multi

    What are you using and Why?

    When customer adds item to cart do you have them stay on the page or go to cart?

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    We use the quick cart pop up option with a one page check out.

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      quick cart doesnt seem to work on my new responsive theme
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        never mind i see i had to enable quick view when hovering over product for it work


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          We use Multi Page Checkout.
          We have lots of non-tech savvy customers and we get less problems doing one step at a time.

          We do not use Quick Cart, but we use the Drop Down cart from the 3dcart Designs Cart | 3dcart Drop Cart | 3dcart Drop Down Cart | 3dcart View Cart


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            We always used single page. Late last year we tried switching to multi-page, but we recently switched back. Our conversion rate was much lower with the multi page.

            Like elightbox, our demographic is also not tech savvy, but we found that our customers were overwhelmed more easily by multiple pages. They very much prefer the simplicity of having everything on one page.

            There was also a difference with abandoned carts. With single page, we get a much higher rate of people entering contact info before leaving the site. Fewer carts are abandoned with single page for us, but those who do have a better return rate because we can email more of them later.
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              im on single page and having a bunch of people add things to cart and then not even begin checkout step