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Email to webmaster on 404 possible?

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  • Email to webmaster on 404 possible?

    Is an Email to webmaster on 404 possible on 3dcart?


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    I can't think of a good way to do this directly.

    I think the right way to do it would be with Google Analytics (you ARE tracking your traffic with Google Analytics, aren't you?). You could set up a custom alert to trigger when someone hits the 404 page, which could email you.


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      HI CB,

      Thanks for the reply.I'm not sure if I have GA installed yet, I'm about 8 days into my switch to 3d. And I'm working off 404's out of Google webmaster tools. I'm finding 404's from almost 8 years ago..... 2 platforms ago, yeah, I know....

      I'll get fresh GA installed today if I don't have it. I remember seeing something in 3d about 404 handling. I'll also look into setting up that notification, sounds easy enough. Thanks for the idea.

      Email bad link on 404 would be a great feature for 3dcart, if anyone is listening. it would help with the "I moved to 3dcart and it was worse" claims.

      Good article on how it works.
      Internet Connection, Inc. - netConsole: 404 Notification Package from Internet Connection.


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        fyi, 3dcart designed my site so i'm not sure how standard this is but I just noticed that my 404 page didn't have the google analytics code in it. this is probably a result of my 404 page not using the frame.html but I'm not sure. I use 3dcart's GA functionality. Might want to paste your code on that page manually.


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          I noticed that too. I'm not sure how I need to go about setting this up in GA so I can get the referring URL and sort thru it all.

          Here is my 404 though :-)


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            You should start by pasting your basic google analytics tracking code into the html for the 404 page via the ftp. After that, check out this article

            Monitoring & Analyzing Error Pages (404s) Using Analytics - Analytics Blog