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Duplicate Title Tags and Wrong Header - Email a friend

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  • Duplicate Title Tags and Wrong Header - Email a friend

    The recommendafriend.asp form that is brought up when a person clicks 'email a friend' is causing lots of duplicate title tags in WMT. Would simply adding a nofollow to the link prevent this? That form really doesn't need to be indexed.

    Also the actual title of the form is 'Put me on the waiting list' that doesn't really make since for an 'email a friend' dialog. I've found that text string in store language. It's as header under the notify category next to some other language about backorders.

    The variable that recommendafriend is using, [notify_header] appears to be incorrect as there is also a header field under the recommendafriend category(again in store language) that presently says 'RECOMMEND A FRIEND'. Took a pretty simple guess and [recommendafriend_header] is the variable that matches that field in store language.

    My recommendafriend.html is still a stock unmodified template. I'm going to put in a ticket to have it corrected. I'd rather not be using a modified template, that I'll have to maintain. It appears to be an error on 3dCart's side of things. Others may want to double check their recommendafriend.html as well.

    So will adding the nofollow to the link on my listing be enough to get rid of those duplicate title tags in WMT? Looks like the [name] variable is available in the form so it could be added to the <title> but again that would get away from a stock template which I try to avoid.


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    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for reporting the issue with the wrong page title being used for the recommend a friend popup.

    We can definitely take care of the title, even with the no follow it'll be good to include the product name in case the pages still get indexed.

    You'll see this deployed in the default templates in about 2 weeks with our next version update.



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      That's great to hear. I'll modify my template for the time being and make a note to switch back to the stock one once the update is pushed out.

      For my own education, I'm still pretty green. Would adding the nofollow to the 'email a friend' link on the listing page be a proper way tell Google not to index it?


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        The changes to the email a friend title and the nofollow links on the product page have been implemented as part of our 4.10.1 version update.

        The full release notes are available at,

        Thanks for your feedback!