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    When checking out as a guest, and before you enter data in the Billing section, the box that says "Optional: Create New Account" has this in it's box:

    Email: Type your email above
    Password: _______________

    However, if you did already put an email into the Billing section, the "Optional: Create New Account" then has this in it's box:

    Email: [your email]
    Password: _______________

    How do you change the "Email:Type your email above" to "Email: Fill in the Billing section first, including your email" ?

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    I found that wording on the checkout-singlepage.html page. I am not sure if you are using single page checkout or not, but I would think that the checkout admin page would be a good place to start.

    Click Ctr + F and type in the wording you are looking to change, or at least part of it. This should bring you to that section.

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      I do use single checkout, but I can't find that phrase on any of those admin pages.


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        Here is a small piece of that code:

        var strValue = get_Element('billing_email').value;
        if (strValue == '')
        strValue = 'Type your email above';
        if (get_Element('divEmail') != 'undefined' && get_Element('divEmail') != null)

        I found this on the template page called: checkout-singlepage.html

        Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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          Mine does not have it. I tired all the template pages.