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Customizing "Best Offer" Behaviour

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  • Customizing "Best Offer" Behaviour

    I'm finding "Best Offer" to be one of the most important features of 3Dcart. When you're selling high-value pre-owned items like I do at, a certain amount of haggling is expected and "Best Offer" makes that possible. I've seen another thread making "Best Offer" work like price-matching, but I'm interested in enhancing it's behaviour for example. Instead of just "decline" and "approve" you can:

    - add notes to your decline or approve emails (maybe with a counter-offer)
    - thank you notes on your approve emails

    Anyone implement this before?

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    A thank you note in the approved email would be simple enough to implement - as long as you don't want anything other than a boilerplate template.

    Adding a note and a counteroffer is more complicated, and off the top of my head I would say it is impossible to implement in the Make an Offer system.