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Bandwidth increase since going responsive template

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  • Bandwidth increase since going responsive template

    Since I upgraded to a responsive template, my bandwidth keeps increasing and i had to upgrade to the 99.00 plan.
    Does anybody has a the same issue and is there something I can do?

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    If it's a very large increase, then I would look at what IPs are crawling your site. You can do this easily if you use Smarter Stats.

    When we went through a huge spike in bandwidth, it turned out to be server farms hitting our content -- a bandwidth attack.

    Outside of that, you should check how large our images are. Keep in mind that the largest version of your image loads even if it's shrunk down on the page. In other words, if you rollover or click-to-zoom on an image, that large image is loading before the visitor does either of those actions for each product image on the page.
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      Thanks, much appreciated.