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Google Analytics no longer shows orders with advanced options

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  • Google Analytics no longer shows orders with advanced options

    I've opened a ticket but wanted to mention this on the forums to see if anyone else is having this problem.

    We use 3dcart's Google Analytics feature and it's been working well. However since yesterday it has stopped reporting any orders that include items with advanced options.

    If an order doesn't have any products that use advanced options it shows up fine in Analytics. If the order has even a single item with advanced options it doesn't get sent to Analytics at all.

    This did start shortly after our site was updated to 4.10.1 but I can't say if that is the cause or not.

    Is anyone else having this issue? If so, are you using 3dcart's Google Analytics plugin or not?

    If it doesn't get resolved soon I'll try turning off 3dcart's GA plugin and putting the old version back in and see if that helps.


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    We are right there with you. Almost every sale we have is with advanced options. Our conversions for yesterday are only reporting 2 sales according to google. You can bet that's incorrect. Let me know what you end up hearing ok?



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      Glad to know we aren't the only ones! Jimmy is working on it so I'm sure they will have an answer soon. I'll post here when we hear something.


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        Good news, Jimmy found the issue and should have the fix rolled out to all customers tomorrow!


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          im james and i approve of this answer.

          haha. thanks for the good news.