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Discounts levels issue

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  • Discounts levels issue

    Hello everyone, i have an issue with the discounts i want to give to my customers, the idea in general is that we use 2 different discounts, one is the passive discount which are set for customers when they sign in to the customer list, lets say customer "A "has a passive 5% discount in all the store products just because he signed in to the store and we wanted to give him the 5% discount in all products for ever, but we also provide discounts by the quantity of items they buy, lets say

    #items------------------ %discount
    15-19 --------------------15%

    etc.. etc..

    so using the customer "A" as a example, if he buy 1 piece he gets automatically 5% discount, if he buys 6 pieces he can only have 1 discount so is 5% as well either the 5% from the passive discount or 5% from the 5-9 range quantity, but if he buy 10 pieces he gets the 10% discounts and ignores the passive discount at this point everything is ok, the problem comes when the customer "A" has a 10% passive discount, if he buy 1 piece he gets 10% discount, BUT if he buy 6 pieces instead of the 10% he gets 5% from the quantity discount and the store set the quantity discount as the default discount, is this working as intended?, is there a way to set this so the higher discount always apply, instead of the quantity discount...any help with this will be appreciate

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    Our discounts are not this complex but we ended up using both the price levels in 3DC and automatic coupons that kick in with volume to make this work. I am not sure how to set it up but you may want to look at this as an option if you cannot get the price levels to do what you want.