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Text beside price on Product Listings - Two Levels

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  • Text beside price on Product Listings - Two Levels

    Is there a way to have two different text to display based on the pricing level viewed?

    ie: Price Level 1 is retail pricing. I would like for it to remain "Your Price: X"
    however, Price Level 2 is wholesale pricing. I would like for it to say "Dealer Cost: X" when someone is logged in an account with that access level.

    Is this possible?

    I know you can change it across the board from "Your Price:" to something else. But can you vary it based on the login level or customer group of the logged in customer?

    Thank you.

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    No, there is no built-in way to do this.


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      Thanks for the reply. Does anyone know of any outside the box way to do this?

      addon, script, etc?

      Is there a way to setup an extra field that is visible only to certain groups of customers? Like I could set up an extra field that just says "Dealer Cost:" and have it displayed in the place of the "Your Price:" text...

      I know, I'm kinda scratching the bottom of the barrel here.


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        as far as i know.. the groups are contained server side. i can write a script to display the other price, but unless you specify a key of users i cant filter it out. pm me and we can talk a bit more.. see if theres a way to make this happen.