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    on my previous wordpress site i had a testimonial page setup where customers were able to submit comments on our store in general (customer service related comments mostly)..I like the product reviews but is there a way to setup a page for customers to submit general comments where we could approve them and it would become a list of comments? Hope that makes sense...John

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    You would need to implement this as an Extra Page which you would update manually. You could add a form there so that people could email comments, but when those comments come in you'd need to manually add them to the page.

    Let me know if you want a more detailed explanation.


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      ok, I think I can handle this..thanks!


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        im no seo guy.. so if this has a negative effect.. i apologize ahead of time for naively suggesting this.. but here it goes

        have you thought of developing a form or even some sort of wordpress based testimonial module on another doman (one that allows some sort of server side script you can actually touch - php for example) and then iframe the page into an extra page on your 3dcart site? You would gain the automation you need?

        or if you are really good at ajax you can avoid the iframe..


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          Here is a freebie for what it's worth:

          Website Comment Box Script

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