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  • fees, fees, and more fees

    I decided not to renew my SSL cert. I called 3dcart to let them know I will be using the free shared SSL from now on. Well....that will be $49 to downgrade. I don't see how configuring my site back to shared ssl could take $49 worth of work. Frankly, I see a trend with 3dcart that I am not fond of. I will be moving my cart elsewhere.

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    Somebody has to do the work of reconfiguring your site. That sounds about right to me.


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      That's almost the price of the $79 SSL cert! If I were staying with 3d, it would make more sense just to buy the $79 instead of paying $49 to go down to shared.


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        I can kinda see it both ways. It probably takes about 15 minutes of work for them to reconfigure your server.

        However, their SSL prices are very inflated, like 2x for the same certificate from other places. And if you buy the SSL certificate from a third-party discounter they charge, if i remember correctly, $99 to install it.

        I think it would be reasonable to assume that their profits from these should include the future removal of the certificate if you ever let it lapse.

        I would insist that they escalate the request to their boss.


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          All I know is the last time we bought an external SSL, it caused all sorts of problems when they installed it. When we buy it through them, it just works. The extra money is worth knowing I won't have to deal with support trying to get it fixed.


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            I can see how that fee would upset you, but it is an elective fee. 3D Cart shines when it comes to non-elective fees like bandwidth "overage" charges - which are half the price of Volusion's.

            You're never going to escape all of the fees, so be grateful you're only being charged small amounts for actions that you decide to take, as opposed to huge fees that are incurred outside your control.

            Trust me, the alternative is awful. Don't move your store over a $49 fee - it's not worth the time to even consider it.
            - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting