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setting a directory for world-read

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  • setting a directory for world-read

    i have a directory of a couple hundred PDFs, all neatly organized in to sub directories (and even sub-sub directories)

    unfortunately, when i create a new directory manually on the 3DCart servers, I can't set the folder permissions for public, anyone trying to read: (or any other directory for that matter) gets a "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied."

    I realize the security implications of giving world-read, and am not trying to circumvent. Rather, is there a neat workaround aside from hand coding the URLS to hundreds of files?

    I've tried a couple of different ways of creating a new page and linking to the contents of the directory with zero success.

    Surely im not the only one that would find this functionality useful.


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    Try putting the directory somewhere else. I have created directories inside /web/assets/images before, such as /web/assets/images/blog, which I can read from a browser.


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      can you actually read the contents of the directory?


      or do you have to define the file like:

      because only the former would work for my needs...i need a listing of what's in the directory, not just access to it.


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        Oh, I misunderstood. No, no directory listing. I can't think of a workaround for this off the top of my head. You'll probably have to end up using excel to create URLs.


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          i ended up finding a hosting site that provides 5gb data/10gb throughput/mo for free AND allows directory listing. So, I'm just storing my files there and hyperlinking to them.

          A quick find/replace routine stripped out 3DCart's address and prepended the 3rd party address to our paths.

          For our needs, this works fine. A little bit of a nuisance not to have full control of our directories on 3DCart. But, works nonetheless.