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Firefox compatability issues?

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  • Firefox compatability issues?

    Is anybody else having problems with the one page checkout and Firefox?
    I'm currently in the testing stage of my website - when you go to the view cart page, everything is fine, when you click on proceed to checkout - you can't use the back button (it stays on the checkout page) have to click view cart to go back. But the biggest problem is once you get on the checkout page, the page isn't fully encrypted (with the lock) unless you refresh the page.

    It works correctly in IE, Chrome and on my Kindle Fire. But I also checked a couple of random websites of other posters and ran into the same problem on Firefox with those using the one page checkout.

    If I change to the muli-page checkout, all is fine.

    Is it just my computer??? I am running Firefox 16.0.2 which is says is up to date.
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    Update - with the help of the tech support, we got it fixed:) I had to re-set my Firefox browser.