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  • TomCrable
    When you use the select feature of the advanced options (database lookup of an option that is actually a product) you can specify a quantity. I do that when a give my customers a chance to add either a single or two batteries to the item. The correct quantity seems to be getting deducted from inventory and the right quantity prints on the invoice and packing slip

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  • 4csupply
    started a topic Is this possible??

    Is this possible??

    I need to set up products that are sold in 2 pack sizes, each with there own prices but pull inventory from a single bulk quantity.

    I buy 500 apples and I want to sell them in a pack of 12 costing $4 and a pack of 50 costing $10.

    I want to enter that I have 500 in inventory and when the customer picks the pack size they want, it will deduct either 12 or 50 from the inventory of 500.

    I can set up the option for a pack size of 12 or 50 but it only deducts 1 from the inventory quantity of course. I have played with advanced options etc but nothing seems to work.

    What I am trying to avoid is having to decide an arbitrary number to put into "inventory" for each pack size. It really makes real inventory a nightmare.

    I hope what I am trying to do make sense!

    Thank you in advance!