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Canada post users please help!.

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  • Canada post users please help!.

    Does anyone here have their Canada post credentials working on the site?..When i put in my Venture card # (which should be my retail account #) i get the error message

    Test Failed: the CA Post account is NOT working properly.

    Check the account parameters in the Shipping Settings page and try again (make sure to save your credentials before testing).

    3dcart support says its an issue with Canada post..Am I just wasting my time trying to get this to work?

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    It is NOT your venture card number you need to put, you need to obtain a separate account name from Canada Post. it will looks something like cpc_yourcompanyname

    Contact your business partner at CP or call the number on your venture card to get to the correct department
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      thanks, I will contact them next week!.


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        I had the same problem and I used merchant ID and did set up my profile on Canada Post side and than you have to set up the same options with 3dcart, but I am still getting the same message as you.
        I tried to contact Canada Post and 3dcart and I did not get any help.
        So, I gave up.
        Let me know if you fix that problem!


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          just got my merchant ID setup and it still doesn't work....does anyone here have it working???


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            Works for us on our sites.
            We just put in the Account Name in the provided text box, in Settings>Shipping>Shipping Settings
            Click on Test and the message showed "Test Successfully: the CA Post account is working properly"
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              ok, mine is working now, the test worked..Not sure what it was but I did go into my profile

              Canada Post Client Information - Logon

              and make sure I updated it and set it "live"..took about 10 minutes then it tested fine..