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New Affiliate signed up with her facebook address...

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  • New Affiliate signed up with her facebook address...

    I just had a girl sign up for my affiliate program, but her website she put in is her herfacebookpage address. And she's already promoting my shop on her facebook page, just throwing up a link to my home page. Which I'm certainly not complaining about.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the affiliate program can't possibly track sales back to her facebook page, can it? When I look at my sales by referrer I get the general address coming up for sales I've gotten from promoting off my own page, but it doesn't break it down by what facebook page. And I can't imagine anywhere on facebook she could have put the code in...
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    I don't use the affiliate program, but judging from the support documents the way it tracks sales is in the link that is followed.

    So the person should be posting links like

    or something like that. the 512 in the URL is what lets the site know that the visitor came from that affiliate's link.