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Conditional Options or 'Options of Options'

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  • Conditional Options or 'Options of Options'

    I'm looking for a way to create options which have sub-options only visable to a customer if the parent option is selected.

    • Would you like this in a gift box?
    • Choose a style of box?

    Where the style of the box can only be seen if the answer to the first question is "yes I would like a gift box".

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    Second Requirement : Same Area of Store Configuration

    Next problem to resolve.

    Make specific options visable only to certain groups of customers.

    As an example of this we offer our products as retail, wholesale and wholesale vending. At the moment we've worked around the problem by duplicating the products but it is causing confusion, some customers purchase both wholesale and vending wholesale so limiting whom can purchase will not work for us all the time and as we've had in the past wholesale customers call us up to ask why they can't buy, is there a problem with their account - simply because they are looking at the incorrect version (ie vending or retail) of that product.

    With vending we could have the product and then options to have a certain size of vending carton, would they like that packed or the vending carton supplied in bulk flat (easier for shipping and cost saving). But when a wholesale customer see these options they get confused.

    So how do we limit options to groups - do we need a new mod such as "Who can see these options, all, select radio."?