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  • Multi Channel Marketing (Per Brand)

    We have several 'brands' but would prefer to use one shopping cart for them all.

    Rather than a click here to buy at <central site> would it be possible to have one installation with multiple templates as an order processing engine for each individual site? So that we could pass the url for example as you see on many other sites so that the main site knows to pull template for site 1 and track affiliate 1210.

    Understand what I mean?

    It's not great when consumers visit one site and then are redirected to a totally different site, we need to manage something.

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    it is possible to have different site templates for each, but they will all end up rolling back into the same cart. if thats not a problem, I can go further into it for you. Ultimately 3dcart assumes you only have one store name and there are some facets you cant bypass for that.