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  • Call me cache crazy...

    Is anyone experiencing a cache persistence that rivals that of a loan shark with a $20,000 vendetta? Even with the "advanced cache" box disabled ( in settings -> general->store settings) every time a template file is uploaded the cache MUST be cleared to see the difference.

    If you've been down this road, and managed to find a way around it, please share. Its bad enough we don't get a sandbox server to develop with, we have to essentially "confirm" our changes post upload just to see them.

    Jimmy?, Fernando? Can you shed any light on this? My company wants to re-launch a couple of our websites with new designs on 3dcart but your software isn't making that a very easy choice.

    edit: I failed to mention - forgive me for assuming this was a given - the cache is disabled on my browser via developer tools and all that normal mumbo jumbo. Also the advanced page cache states the home page and category pages are the only ones effected. I can tell you that is not the case and it even applies to listing pages. It should also be noted that any changes made through the admin panel will update as expected without clearing cache but if you upload via ftp you can forget about it.

    Thanks for your time.
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    I have that trouble too, but when I clear my browser cache, it usually goes away (I don't have mine configured as you do). However, there have been a few times when that didn't work.


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      Yes, I manually clear my cache every time I make template changes. I believe they word it that the 'advanced cache' can be enabled/disabled but the 'non-advanced' cache is always on, which means you have to clear it still. I just live with it.


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        The 4.11.1 update [is supposed to] automatically clear the cache when you click View Store from your control panel.

        1112-i014 Performance - Store Cache
        Clicking on VIEW STORE button from the Online Store Manager will now automatically clear the site’s cache.
        It's been working pretty well for me.
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          Originally posted by tclifesafety View Post
          The 4.11.1 update [is supposed to] automatically clear the cache when you click View Store from your control panel.

          It's been working pretty well for me.
          thats good to know, but won't help with the workflow i'm using. When dealing with an editor/ide and uploading via the ftp if im working on any other page than the homepage clicking view site adds just as much time to re-navigate. its usually update file -> upload via ftp -> clear cache -> reload page as of right now. guess it'll have to stay that way.

          Does anyone know if the developer sites they furnish for design partners has the entire site cache disabled by default? It would make sense...


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            found a more "automated" way to clear it when necessary. thanks to all


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              Please share the more automated way for others that maybe having the same issue.


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                if you would like to know, please pm me. i would not feel comfortable posting it for the public to see as it could potentially be used maliciously by someone with less than favorable intentions


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                  Yes, it's bad the past few months, but I don't deal with it much right now.