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FREE SHIPPING - is there a way to define what type of shipping they're getting?

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  • FREE SHIPPING - is there a way to define what type of shipping they're getting?

    Customers with me get FREE SHIPPING on 95% of my products. I use USPS Priority to mail them. When they get to the checkout, they have an option for UPS Ground if they want, and USPS Priority, (mainly for international orders), and then the "FREE SHIPPING". A problem as of late is that they are purchasing USPS Priority shipping because they want it faster than the "FREE SHIPPING".

    Is there a way to define that the free shipping option is actually priority? I know you can change the name of the shipping method in the "shipping methods" menu for the carriers, but i dont see a place to do it for the standard "free shipping". If not, the only other thing i can think of is to change the default free shipping truck graphic to a usps priority logo?

    Any ideas? I'd hate to go thru 2000 products and add a line to each description :/

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    You can change the name in settings->general->store language
    search for freeshipping under the sub-headings "checkout2" and "product"

    Also, I'm pretty sure that this should work to help you to add a message to the product listing template. You'd have to add it at the right spot in your html and make an image called "free-shipping-info.gif" that explains that free shipping is via USPS. The image would only display if free shipping is enabled for the product.

    HTML Code:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    if ([freeshipping]=1) 
      document.write('<img src="assets/images/free-shipping-info.gif" alt="Free Shipping Info" />');
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