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Adding additional Categories to same item

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  • Adding additional Categories to same item

    I am a dope. this is my first website admin job and am doing terrible. Need help. Is there an easy way to add additional cateogories to an existing item number? I can add to my data base and re load but how do I separate theem in the 'categories' column?:confused:

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    I'm not sure I understand the question correctly, but here is something that might help.
    If you are looking to import an item and you want it place in a child category rather than a parent category use a ">" to separate the categories.

    For example importing something into Widgets>Blue Widgets>Small Blue Widgets
    would place the item in the Small Blue Widget category which will be contained in the Blue Widgets which is contained in the Widgets category.

    hope that makes some sense and helps!


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      I think I get that part, thanks. now if I have an item that needs to have 2 different categories applied to it. how does that work? I know I can manually add a category to any individual item but is there a faster way? for example
      widget1 should be in category Blue>blue>blue1 and Blue>blue>blue2
      How do I do that?


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        I believe that to do that you would use the following syntax:

        Blue>blue>[email protected]>blue>blue2


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          :) Thanks that did it!! you are the bomb!!