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How can I disable Free Shipping?

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  • How can I disable Free Shipping?

    For some reason, all of my products are displaying the free shipping option , both in the cart shipping calculator and during checkout.

    How to I disable this? I had 3DC create a virtual copy of my site in version 4.11 so that I can upgrade from our older version, but somehow when they created the new site, free shipping became active.

    The weird thing is that 1) there are no shpping methods created for free shipping 2) the free shipping box at the product level is unchecked and 3) there are no active promotions for free shipping

    Where else would there be an option to turn this off?

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    Well, I think I found a way to do this, although it's really more of a workaround and probably not the "correct way".

    Under SHIPPING SETTINGS there is a setting for "Free Shipping - Domestic Only". My site is still displaying free shipping even though this box is currently unchecked.

    However, a little further down is a setting for "Min. order amount for free shipping". This field contained a zero value. I changed it to 9999999999 and now the site no longer displays free shipping.

    So, while I doubt that this is the approved way of turning free shipping off, it seems to have done the trick.