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"Retail Price" wording on featured products

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  • "Retail Price" wording on featured products

    Hello everyone. I have 4 featured products displayed on Welcome to Allparts Music - Guitar, Bass, and Amp Parts Supplier

    Regardless of the customer type that is logged in, those products always display the text "Retail Price." This differs from other products that display "Your Price" or show Retail Price crossed out when a product is discounted.

    This is problematic for customers who purchase at a discount because they see their discounted price worded as "Retail Price."

    Does anyone know how to change this wording on the front page featured products? Changing the text in Store Language doesn't affect this wording.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting

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    Most likely spot is going to be the home.html template page


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      There's also a field in the Language Settings called RetailPrice that you can change so it reads "Price". But, like cbsteven said, double check your home.html file to make sure this is the variable that it is pulling.
      Joanne Barker
      VS Web Design
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