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Facebook Store Alternative?

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  • Facebook Store Alternative?

    My facebook store isn't working.

    I chose to display category id = 16 and this is all that keeps coming up

    Here is one I setup for a friend on bigcommerce (free facebook store) and it worked perfect with a few clicks -

    Anyway to get something like this?

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    I set up my FB store and it's there sometimes and sometimes not. sometimes the app disappears altogether and you have to start over and try to get it to work again. I used a payvment store for awhile and it worked cconsistently, but I took it down because I started with the 3d fb store again. Right now since I saw yours and went to check mine, it's gone again and so is the app on FB. I can't figure it out


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      I used to use wishpond social stores. It was free for 1 store; they charge now, but I really think it's worth it if you have a large FB following. Implementation was dead simple, and the presentation was beautiful.

      It looks like they integrated the social store into a suite - I couldn't find pricing on just a store:
      Facebook Social Store App | Wishpond | Easy marketing apps
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      TC Wireless


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        I also had a difficult time trying to implement Facebook with 3dcart. It was so disappointing, I just stopped trying.

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          I'm pretty well versed about facebook and I haven't had any problems that I've noticed with my kiosk, so if anyone has questions, you're welcome to email me.

          My facebook page is here:

          And my email is [email protected]

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