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Formating excel to csv

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  • Formating excel to csv

    I think a similar issue was raised earlier but I can't find a solution so I will pose it again. I have an excel spreadsheet full of product descriptions. I've attached an excel file so you can see what I am working with.

    When I turn this into a csv I loose all of the extended description formating. How can I import this data without having in run into one long string?

    I've tried replacing every "*" with "<br>" but it replaces the entire contents of the cell rather than just the "*". Any guidance would be appreciated.
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    It looks fine to me.

    Are you changing the cell formating on your extended description column to Wrap Text?

    That was the only change I made, and afaik, that's only a display setting.
    After that I saved it as a csv and it was fine.

    Mind you, I'm shooting from the hip here, and may completely misunderstand your question.