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Shipworks 3.0 update breaking tracking import

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  • Shipworks 3.0 update breaking tracking import

    Has anyone else noticed that the new update to shipworks 3.0 breaks the import of the tracking number?

    It also uses the "advanced API" now, which is nice because it will import partially shipped orders.

    Any help getting tracking numbers back?

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    Sorry I don't have a update to your question, but I have been evaluating ShipWorks this month and am probably going to subscribe to it for Amazon. I was also assuming I would do the same for 3DCart eventually.

    But I don't see any thing about charging credit cards for shipped orders. Do you have to login to the 3DCart admin panel to charge orders?


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      Tracking is working fine for us. It was a little sketchy for a little while but its updating fine now.


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        Good to hear. How about credit card charging? Do you just charge when ordered? I don't ship til 2 days later so I much prefer to capture when shipped.


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          Shipworks dosent interface with the gateway at all on any of our stores. I am not even sure if it will. Id have to look and see what all can be done with the API.

          Really the only complaint I have with shipworks is the minimal documentation and average support responses. Their forum is fairly decent though.

          Their features are tough to beat for the money. They also update fairly frequently. Weve only had 2 outages in two years. Both for a few hours.