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Is there a way to alter the CAPTCHA question/answer fields?

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  • Is there a way to alter the CAPTCHA question/answer fields?

    From looking at past forum posts, it appears that a 3D Cart user cannot alter the actual CAPTCHA that is hard coded (like shortening the string of characters, etc.).

    However, is it possible to manipulate, say the contact_us.html or crm.asp page code so that the entire "question" and "answer" can be changed/customized?

    For example, instead of making customers type a string of random numbers and letters to be validated, maybe the CAPTCHA could be a simple question such as: "What color is the sky?". Customer types in their answer --> blue (or BLUE, or Blue, or any combination of capitalization). Human verification successful!

    Can that be done? And if so, do question/answer CAPTCHA's actually even filter out robots, or are robots sophisticated enough these days to "read" and "answer" simple questions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Short answer, no.

    There are some areas of the site where you can disable the built-in CAPTCHA, in which case you could probably replace it with a third-party javascript solution. But some of the built-in CAPTCHA's cannot be removed, and those cannot be changed. So best case scenario you would have drastically different styles of captchas throughout your site.


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      Thanks cbsteven! I'll leave the CAPTCHAs as they stand, and I appreciate your thoughtful reply.