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    Hi All,

    I'm happy to have joined the 3dcart family. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of me here as I'm brand new to the ecommerce (online store) business. I have a brick and mortar invitations business (family business since 1983) but we've finally decided to go online with some of our stuff.

    Anyway, the first (of I'm sure many) question. I was putting together my categories and option templates. For some of our printing...we charge a lump sum for different quantity ranges. Such as, if we are printing anything between 1-25 cards, the prices is $28.75. Anything between 26-50 is 41.75, 51-75 is 53.75, etc.

    Many of our customers will be buy...let's say 15 of a InviteB at 1.25 per invite. The price for us to personalize them would be 28.75 (total for the whole order, since it's between 1-25 in quantity). The total of the order should be 47.50 plus tax, S&H and any other options.

    I would like to have a way to take the quantity ordered, mulitply that by the cost per card, then add the lump sum amount on. I don't mind if the customer has to which lump sum applies to their order (they will pick the 28.75 choice if they are ordering anything between 1-25 in quantity).

    When I tried entering each of these as a takes the dollar amount (let's say $28.75) and multiplies it by the number of items ordered. This will not work. I need to to only add this dollar amount on it's own (and not multiply it by the quantity).

    I hope that made some sense. Any help, suggestions, ideas, tips would be appreciated. I plan to be active here so hopefully I can add as much as I take here in the forums.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Okay...let me try this again. Any help/suggestions/etc. would be greatly appreciated. I'm really hoping someone out there in this community has some creative ideas of how to solve my problem.

    I am going to be selling blank invitation card stock at my store. The customer will have the choice to receive the card stock blank, or for us to print it for a fee.

    I figure the best way for me to set-up the store is to price my items at their "blank" prices...that is without any printing. Then, if the customer wants us to print the cards for them, they can choose so via an "option". And if they choose that option, they will be charged the "fee" per card.

    My problem is, if someone wants us to print 15 cards, they should be paying more than a customer who wants us to print 100 cards. Is there any way to apply quantity pricing to the options?

    I'd like the "Do you want us to print your cards" option of yes to be something like $1.00 per card for quantities of 1-25. Then .85 for quantities of 26-50, and so on.

    Does my question (problem) make sense? Any thoughts? Anything would be appreciated. If anyone has any questions or thinks they might be able to help if only I could explain it better...please let me know. I continue thinking about this to see if I can make it any clearer. Basically, is there a way to offer quantity discounts on options and not affect the price of the product itself? If not, any other ideas?

    Below are some sample scenarios:

    Scenario 1

    Customer is interested in 25 of the Teddy Bear invitations. The price for these invitations is $1.25 each. The customer will be doing their own printing, so all they will need is the card stock. The final price to the customer will be $31.25 (cardstock) + shipping.

    Scenario 2

    Customer is interested in 25 of the Teddy Bear invitations. The price for these invitations is $1.25 each. The customer will want us to do the printing and tells us this by choosing the corresponding option. The "value" for this particular option is $1.00 each. The final cost to the customer would be $31.25 (cardstock) + $25.00 (printing) + shipping.

    Scenario 3

    Customer is interested in 100 of the Teddy Bear invitations. The price for these invitations is $1.25 each. The customer will want us to do the printing and tells us this by choosing the corresponding option. The "value" for this particular option is $1.00 each, but due to the large quantity of 100, we'd like to give them a discount on printing. Let's say a quantity of 100 or more on printing will qualify them for a 50% discount on printing. The final cost to the customer would be $31.25 (cardstock) + $50.00 (printing) + shipping.
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      Quantity discounts do apply to options, but also to the item price, so giving a 15% discount when buying more than 15, will give 15% off the whole item including the options.

      What i suggest you do is either have 2 sections on your store (Printed, and Blanks), or do a dropdown with set quantities, so that you can control the pricing better.

      Ie. a drop down with options

      Would you like to have them printed? [No],[ Yes, I would like to have 100 printed - $100 ], [Yes, i would like to have 200 printed - $175] and so on...
      Gonzalo Gil
      3dCart Support
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        Thanks for the response Gonzalo. Your suggestions brings up a couple of other questions. I was thinking of setting the store up so that each invitation I'm selling will have two listings, one for blank cards (at 1 set price) and another printed (at a different price, and with quantity discounts). My question is this, what would be the easiest way to set this up (and easiest way for my customers to shop) on my store. What I'm thinking is:

        A customer finds a invitation they want and clicks on it. The "product" that comes up is the printed version. In between the price and quantity sections, maybe I can show a thumbnail of the particular image blank, with a caption of "click here to buy this invitation blank". If the customer clicks on that thumbnail, they are automatically taken to the blank version of the particular invitation (where they can then enter quantity, choose any necessary options, and move on).

        What would be the best way to get this to work. I guess I'm basically looking for every listing to have a link to that particular product's blank version (I'm thinking two different products for each invitation/card, with numbers such as 5089BL and 5089PR).

        Any thoughts? If anyone else (other users here) have any input, please share. Thanks.


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          3 ways i can think of:

          1) Use the related items. You can move the template around so the related items are shown higher.

          2) Use one of the extra fields to store a link to the other item. Then, somewhere on the description page you do something like

          "For a customizable version of this item, please [a href="[extra_field_1]"]click here[/a]

          3) You could just add a link from the description of the item
          Gonzalo Gil
          3dCart Support
          800-828-6650 x111