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USPS bug -- methods show for Canadian origin

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  • USPS bug -- methods show for Canadian origin

    I have been working with 3dcart support on an issue (first thought to be a 3dcart bug, but now likely a USPS API bug) and thought I would reach out to the forum in the unlikely event that someone has found a workaround for this issue.

    We primarily ship from the US both to the US and Canada so have USPS methods like First Class Intl, Priority Intl, etc enables. We also have products that ship from a warehouse in Canada (a drop ship distributor, but it could be the default warehouse per 3dcart, doesn't matter) to locations within Canada.

    The problem is that the checkout is presenting (along with Canada Post and UPS) the USPS Intl options for shipments from Canada to Canada... and I'm pretty sure that there aren't any USPS post offices up there! The USPS rates are pretty cheap compared to UPS or Canada Post, so it looks tempting to the customer. I find it hard to believe that the USPS API would return a rate option based on a Canadian origin and destination but that seems to be the case.

    So I guess the question is whether anyone has been able to manipulate the shipping script to perhaps limit the choices based on country or otherwise.