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Lots of abandon carts. Is everyone hitting the right checkout page?

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  • Lots of abandon carts. Is everyone hitting the right checkout page?

    hi all,

    I'm getting a decent # of abandon carts. When I look in my stats everything is on 'step 1'. First of all, is there a definitely or work flow online somewhere detailing the steps?

    When I browse the store and add a product and checkout I get to my single page with my Google and Paypal checkout options selection (I only use a single checkout with my store).

    Are users somehow hitting different checkout pages on my site or is that the nature of the beast in that for every order or so you'll have 4-5 abandon carts? (I know I do that a lot with online shopping).

    Thoughts? My store is - Welcome to Simply Range Bags - Nothing but gun and range bags

    If someone is hitting a different checkout page than my main one then yes things could be broken since I don't have a built in merchant account, etc. If that's the case I need to figure out how to disable the other checkout pages/steps.

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    I think your main problem is only offering Google and Paypal options for payment. You should strongly consider signing up for an merchant account. This will probably reduce your abandoned cart rate significantly.


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      I would also recommend that you do not require customers to sign up, but let them checkout as guest. I know it's a turnoff for me when I shop online.
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        I also have a lot of abandoned carts. I do not require customers to 'create an account' and have a 1-page checkout. I do not accept credit cards on my site due to the cost but use paypal w/o customer having to have a paypal account to check-out.


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          It has been said many times: "you have to spend money to make money". There are no short cuts.
          What is the cost of a merchant account? How many sales would cover the cost? If two extra sales a month will cover your costs, then any more sales will be gravy.
          Get a merchant account, and a dedicated SSL. You can get SSLs for 30 bucks for five years and a $99 3dcart setup fee which works out to $30/year total for the SSL.
          How many sales will cover $30????

          Do your calculations for the Merchant account, you will find out you will be ahead if you make any sales.


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            I agree you have to spend money to make money. I just need to make sure the reasons why I get abandoned carts. Also, I have no problem spending that money but I need to work on getting people to my site to begin with. Ten visits a day is not going to cut it.


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              Where is your contact us page? That is a huge issue in my opinion. Having your email address on your About Us page, just doesn't cut it.

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                I can't offer any insight on the cart issue, but as far as getting people to your site goes, you have to get the word out.

                Get some business cards made (Vistaprint is cheap and a good starter) and or some flyers and go to your local gun shows. see if you can leave them at the check in or check out area, or flyer all the cars in the parking lot. (us hippies call it grassroots target marketing). Maybe even get a booth at one of these shows. You can promote your business and sell some of your stuff too.

                Always have your business cards on you. You never know when you might meet someone who could be a customer.

                Get a facebook page for your business, and promote it. Join gun groups on fb, "like" and comment on gun company pages or shooting ranges or any related pages.

                Participate in online gun related forums. No money, just your time. Make sure to include a link to your website in your signature whenever you post in these forums.

                Have your email signature contain a live link to your website.

                I have successfully used all of these methods to promote my hippie general store website and I am sure some of them could work for you.

                Sunshine Daydream Hippie Shop


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                  Even though I have my own issues with abandoned carts (and I so do appreciate the comments on this thread) -- I did also notice the original poster did not have a 'contact us' page. Perhaps putting the email address and phone number in the global header would help. Also shipping -- personally for me, I like sites that clearly state their shipping terms BEFORE I even start shopping. For example, flat shipping charges based on amount purchased, weight, etc. They say that shipping is the No. 1 reason for abandoned carts. For my site, I offer free shipping on everything and it is clearly stated in my global header although I still do have an issue with abandoned carts.


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                    Thanks for all the tips/contacts.

                    You're right. I defintely need a Contact Us page. Duh. Many folks won't hit the About Us and realize the info is there. Thanks for pointing out that big mistake!

                    I have required sign-up turned off. So right now users who add items to the cart only get to the checkout and don't have to create an account.

                    My store is a cash-flowed store and sustained by revenue so I don't have a dedicated SSL or Merchant account. It's on my to-add list for this year since I turned a profit last year and am going to re-invest that money into the site.

                    I do have a Facebook page and it's growing slowly. I need to spend more time to market it that way.

                    Also on a number of gun forums but not a frequent poster (tend to lurk/read instead). Need to change that.

                    One of the good things through this is I've landed a nice wholesale deal with the NRA so that's been providing some steady revenue a few times a year. Still working on the organic growth. Some of my items are #1-5 in search terms on Google. Others not so.

                    Thanks for the tips and comments folks! I'll let you know where things vet out as I continue to improve things.



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                      SouthernBelle, as for abandoned carts they are common with on-line retail. A 1-5% conversion rate is where most people are depending on many variables. So out of 1000 visitors you will get 10 to 50 orders.
                      You will always have abandoned carts, you will not be able to covert everyone.


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                        Abandoned carts

                        Another thought is to check the IP addressees of the abandoned carts. Our site received over 500 "Not Complete" order in the last 12 hours. Abandoned at Step 1. The IP addresses are all from the same Miami source and are blacklisted spammers.


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                          I also had several carts abandoned at Step 1 and in looking at the details, they all had the same item in the cart, which led me to believe they weren't real customers at all.
                          Joanne Barker
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                            How long have you had your site?


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                              My site's only been up since the end of November. But my client has had a web site for many years. We just recently moved to 3DCart.
                              Joanne Barker
                              VS Web Design
                              [email protected]