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Safely deleting duplicate files from theme folder

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  • Safely deleting duplicate files from theme folder

    Can someone tell me if I am understanding this correctly?

    I am in admin and look at the contents of the common folder in the template manager. I click "edit" next to any file (for example: dd_widget.html). I'm now looking at the html for that file. I see that is not a file I want to customize, so I click "back".

    Now I look at my theme folder (still in admin template manager). That file (dd_widget.html) now appears in with all my customized files, but in the "Last Edited" column, it says "Never"

    Lingering result:
    Six months later, 3dCart updates/fixes something in that file (dd_widget.html) -- the fix, however, is made to the file in the common folder, but since I looked at it once, there's a copy in my theme folder. Since files in my theme folder override files in the common folder, the fix is not made on my site.


    If so, can I safely delete all those un-customized duplicate files in my theme folder (using filezilla)?

    thanks, mimib

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    Yes. If you have not customized a file, you can safely delete it. The original will be in your common folder and you cannot delete that.

    I would make a copy before deleting anything, just in case. Keep a folder on your computer called deleted templates and just keep it there with a date dd_widget-020413.html


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      Thanks. That's good advice. I will do that.